BET Coverage: Tara Wallace Dishes On The Healing Power Of Soul Food, Self-Care, And Her New Talk Show!

Tara Wallace understands how Soul Food brings together the community, starts a conversation, and keeps every generation full of love and happiness! Growing up in Mississippi, the Love And Hip Hop star says that the love of soul food runs through her veins. Read More

If you think you know Tara Wallace, truthfully, you don’t.

ESSENCE Coverage: After ‘Crazy’ Experience On ‘Love And Hip Hop,’ Tara Wallace Is Reintroducing Herself With A New Talk Show

The TV personality, whom most were introduced to on Love and Hip Hop New York, has many talents and gifts, from a background and studies in acting, to experience being an etiquette coach, and a gift for truly listening. She’s getting the chance to flex the latter chops in her newest role as a talk show host, leading the upcoming series Soul Food With Tara Wallace on the Impact Network. Read More