Latest ‘Star Wars’ News: ‘Andor’ cast and crew enjoy their victory lap, but a few fans have complaints

Star Wars news this week has been predictably dominated by coverage of Andor. The Disney Plus show roared out of the gates on Wednesday with a three-episode drop, reintroducing us to Diego Luna’s Rogue One character and setting the stage for an epic two seasons of pre-A New Hope adventures that will show the formation of the Rebel Alliance.

The cast and crew are clearly overjoyed with how Andor has turned out and for once fans are (mostly) agreed that this is something special. Praise has been heaped on the high quality of the writing, the focused tone, Nicholas Britell’s score, and especially the use of gigantic physical sets over digital ones. Since the premiere on Wednesday, the Andor team has been giving interviews about their experiences and highlighting what’s coming next.

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