How Harley Quinn Slowly Turned Its Protagonist Into a Hero

Editor's Note: The following article contains spoilers for all of Harley Quinn Season 3.Harley Quinn - both the character and the show - took many twists and turns in Season 3 from fighting swamp monsters to surviving the chaotic mind of Bruce Wayne to Harley stopping Ivy from terraforming Gotham City. A season intended to focus on Poison Ivy’s development - which it did well - ended up taking its titular character in a significantly new direction. The end left Harley in an unusual spot in this series: teaming up with Batgirl, Nightwing, and Robin to keep Gotham safe. Harley? Aiding the Bat Family in public safety? In this economy? The turn may be a surprise at the start of the series but really should not be. In fact, the showrunners and writers have set this up well not only throughout this season but during the series with little tidbits.

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