Get Help Building Wildspace Systems for Your DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Spelljammer Campaign with ELMANDAR’S STAR CHARTS

When creating a custom Dungeons & Dragons world and campaign, it can be daunting to create a map for the world. Just imagine doing it for space then! That’s way bigger! Well, if you’re wanting to map out Wildspace systems for adventures in Spelljammer campaigns, Michael Kuhns has got your back with Elmandar’s Star Charts. This supplement has tips for creating system maps, blank system tracking sheets, 3 complete systems you can use, and more. If I were running a custom Spelljammer game, I’d definitely grab this.

Design and customize your own Wildspace systems with this light and flexible tool. Elmandar’s Star Charts provides 26 pages of random tables and guidelines to detail Wildspace systems for use in your 5E Spelljammer: Adventures in Space campaign. Inspired by the random system rules from the 2e Spelljammer box set, Elmandar’s Star Charts, adds some modern updates to be more flexible and usable by the 5E rule set.

You can purchase Elmandar’s Star Charts from DMs Guild (affiliate link) for $4.95.

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