Does Do Revenge Do Justice to Its Predecessors?

Editor's Note: The Following Contains Spoilers for Do RevengeThe release of Do Revenge over the weekend pays homage to veteran teen revenge movies like Cruel Intentions, Mean Girls, and Jawbreaker but has it earned its place among them as a classic? The Netflix original centers around two iconic protagonists, Drea (Camila Mendes) and Eleanor (Maya Hawke), as they execute delicious retribution Strangers On a Train-style. However, like any good drama, not everything is as it seems, and both leads are thrown some shocking curveballs, leaving viewers struggling to keep up with who they’re supposed to root for. Typical hallmarks of the genre include a killer soundtrack, an enviable wardrobe, and a villain infuriating enough to make the audience pray for their downfall. All are usually accompanied by a voice-over from whoever the viewer is meant to connect with most. Do Revenge manages to deliver all these quintessential tropes, along with unhinged mayhem in the form of espionage, a literal hit-and-run, and the drugging of an entire senior class with hallucinogens. Ultimately though, the film feels more like an echo of its predecessors and fails to properly ground itself, making it difficult for the audience to get too invested.

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