Crit Academy Trying To Make Weapon And Armor Choices More Exciting In DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 5E With New Kickstarter

Dungeons & Dragons 5E has a lot of perks. It simplified the rules so much that it made it easier for new players to jump into the game. While there is nothing inherently wrong with having a simplified system, it did make some choices way too limited. Specifically, weapon and armor choices. I have definitely felt this frustration, often picking weapons and armor simply for getting the highest damage and protection rather than any real character driven reason. Game publishers Crit Academy is hoping to change that with their latest Kickstarter Exotic Equipment Perks

This new collection will give you a good reason to pick any given piece of weapon and armor. Each weapon and piece of armor will come with a unique perk as a special skill or technique that can be used. The way it’s talked about on the Kickstarter page it sounds like each one will come with its own type of feat associated with it. This collection sounds awesome, not only did they add perks to the equipment in the handbook but they have added more weapons and armor to choose from. 

I think this is a fantastic idea. This has huge implications for classes that can use many different types of weapons and armor such as fighters. Not only that, but spell casters will finally have more reasons to choose certain kinds of weapons as spell focuses or to use component pouches. The possibilities are endless which is exactly what you want for a TTRPG. Go check out the Kickstarter now until October 20, 2022 to help fund and get some cool variety added to your game now. 

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