‘Andor’ showrunner deftly dodges questions on the returning Saw Gerrera

We’re a quarter of the way through Andor as of its three-episode debut on Disney Plus earlier this week, and by all accounts, the show seems to be firing on cylinders. The pre-Rebellion Star Wars universe is a fascinating if terrifying setting and protagonist Cassian Andor has a brand-new space to breathe alongside the many new characters we’ve been introduced to.

But it won’t just be new characters flanking either side of Cassian. We’ve long been expecting some cameos out of the latest Star Wars property, and among the most high-profile of them is Forest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrera, an extremist rebel whose incredibly violent moves against the Empire caused the Rebel Alliance to cut ties with him, according to the events of Rogue One, which Andor is a prequel to.

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