Your Complete Guide to Found Footage Horror Movies

Found footage is one of the most infamous of all the horror subgenres. It’s become so packed with cheap, stupid, and just downright bad pictures that it has become offputting to viewers to even attempt to source a diamond amongst the excessive rough. However, believe me, there are gems there. Found footage has been my favorite subgenre in all of cinema for many years now, and I have done the research. But finding good examples isn't the only difficult task. If you’re new to the genre, how do you know which ones to ease yourself in with? Which movies are for the viewers with a little more experience? And what are the ones that are sure to terrify even the most seasoned horror fans? Here, I’ve drawn up a guide, giving you the perfect choice and a few honorable mentions for a beginner, an intermediate, and an expert in the found footage game. So, grab the popcorn, turn on the TV, and make sure there's no hidden video camera!

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