What To Stream This Weekend

what to stream this weekend

Trying to figure out what to stream this weekend? Are you inundated with streaming services, cable channels, and a backlog of movies? Well, wonder no more. We here at JoBlo.com watch our fair share of entertainment and have some recommendations for what you should check out. Come back each week for a fresh selection of recommendations!

What to Stream this Weekend

September 23-25

Reboot (Hulu)

This new series is not a reboot itself but mocks the idea of reboots in general with a great cast of actors like Johnny Knoxville, Keegan Michael Key, Paul Reiser, and Judy Greer. Fans of Modern Family will appreciate this new comedy which benefits from the unfiltered streaming platform rather than being a network sitcom.

Andor (Disney+)

The latest Star Wars series is very different than any of the Disney+ series that came before it. Disney launched the first three hours of the show at once which is probably due to the fact that it really takes that long to get moving. By episode four, this series proves itself to be a solid entry in George Lucas’ franchise with a very cool turn from Stellan Skarsgard.

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Netflix)

Ryan Murphy’s latest series is a true crime dive into the disturbing mind of Jeffrey Dahmer. While the show is well made and tries not to sensationalize Dahmer or force us to sympathize with him, this drama is very slowly paced and very challenging to watch. I cannot necessarily recommend it but if you are a true crime aficionado, this is worth a look.

Lou (Netflix)

I know I never expected Allison Janney to be a kick-ass John Wick but this movie proves that she is as good a fighter as she is an actress. A solid little thriller co-starring Jurnee Smollett and Logan Marshal-Green, this is one of the better Netflix originals in recent memory.

Sidney (AppleTV+)

The passing of Sidney Poitier was a blow for cinephiles around the world, but now we have this beautiful documentary that reflects on just how massive the actor’s legacy is for the world of film. A beautiful code to Poitier’s life and filmography, this is a solid introduction for anyone unfamiliar with the man and which of his films to watch.

Celebrity Jeopardy! (ABC)

While the controversy about Alex Trebek’s successor unnecessarily rages on, the new prime-time celebrity spin-off is ready to debut. Avoiding the gags of the SNL sketch associated with the name, this series already has some cool names lined up to compete on the iconic trivia series. Hell, I am intrigued enough to see if Simu Liu can hold his own opposite Andy Richter!

The Infernal Machine (On Demand)

This literary thriller could easily have fallen off of anyone’s radar if not for the striking lead performance from Guy Pearce. An interesting companion film to Memento, The Infernal Machine follows an author who begins to get stalked by a fan who may have a deeper connection than it seems. A twisty thriller with some curveballs, this is an intriguing watch that has great supporting turns by Alice Eve and Jeremy Davies.

Did this help you figure out what to stream this weekend? If you have any recommendations you think we missed or have some feedback on our selections, let us know in the comments below.

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